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Mini-Cassia Center

Contact Person: Amy Christopherson
Location: 1600 Parke Ave, Burley ID 83318
Phone: (208) 678-1400
Email: achristopherson@csi.edu

Mini-Cassia Center

News & Events

Offering courses and activities for almost all ages, we specialize in serving the Mini-Cassia area with courses, degree programs and events that contribute to lifelong learning, life enrichment, personal growth, improvement of job skills, and a few classes that are just plain fun!  We welcome your comments and suggestions.  Is there a course you'd like to see us offer?  Would you like us to help you with business-related training?  Please, contact our office at 678-1400.

How to Register for Academic Classes

  1. Apply for admission to CSI through MyCSI
  2. Register for courses online through MyCSI
  3. Complete a county residency form

How to Register for Community Ed Classes

  1. Come in to Mini-Cassia Center and complete the short registration form
  2. Call or click here to see current listings.

The CSI Mini-Cassia Center is located at 1600 Parke Avenue in Burley.

Mini-Cassia Center Staff

     Amy Christopherson
Amy Christopherson
E-mail: achristopherson@csi.edu
Phone: 208-678-1400, 1-800-680-0274 ext.6944
     Anne McMurry
Anne McMurry
Student Services Specialist
E-mail: amcmurry@csi.edu
208-732-6947, 208-678-1400 ext.6947
     John Paskett
John Paskett
Student Services Specialist
E-mail: jpaskett@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6940, 208-678-1400 ext.6940