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Upcoming Summer 2018 Community Education Classes 4/6/2018
Time: 1:00 AM to 1:00 AM

CSI DIY: Design Your Own Metal Project!

Ages: 16+

Thur, June 14 to July 5 6 to 8:30 pm

Instructor: Steve Wells Fee: $150.00 Location: Cassia Regional Technical Center

During this beginning hands-on course, students will be introduced to various welding processes, basic welding techniques, grinding, metal cutting, and safety in order to create a finished project to take home at the end of the course. Students with previous welding experience will be able to work on larger projects with instructor permission. This class will have limited enrollment so that the instructor can work closely with each student to help them progress on their project. Students will come to class in clothes appropriate for welding such as jeans, leather shoes/boots, and long sleeved shirt of canvas or cotton. Loaner helmets, safety glasses, and gloves provided to participants who need them. Class size is limited to 8 – so register early!

Christmas in July: Sleds and Snowmen!

Ages: 14+

Wooden Sled Decor - Wed and Thurs July 11 & 12 3 to 5pm

Snowman Door Swag – Wed and Thurs July 25 & 26 3 to 5pm

Instructor: Thayne Schafer Fee: $ 25 registration fee and $25 supply fee paid to instructor.

Location: CSI MC Center, Room A-16

July is the PERFECT time for sleds and snowmen! Craft beautiful sleds and snowman decor now for Christmas! You will craft amazing holiday decorations and learn painting and decorating techniques. You will learn to utilize ribbons, pallets, pine branches, ornaments and more to create a beautiful swag accent for your finished project.

CSI Summer Science Camp 2018 – Young Inventors

Ages: 7 – 14 (2nd-7th grades)

Mon - Thur, June 18 - 21 1 to 3:30pm

Instructor: Staff Fee: $49.00 Location: CSI MC Center

Did you know that a child invented the Popsicle or that a 16 year old invented the trampoline? Are you a young Einstein? Maybe a Leonardo Da Vinci in training? Curious like Marie Curie? Ready to invent and explore? Children are natural inventors. Join us for CSI Science Camp 2018 Young Inventors - where CSI instructors and area science teachers lead students in hands-on science activities covering a variety of subjects guaranteed to excite their imaginations, spark their creativity, and teach them about all things science.

CSI Summer Science Junior Camp 2018 – Young Inventors

Ages: 5 – 6 (Kinder-1st grades)

Tue & Wed, June 19 & 20 1 to 3:30pm

Instructor: Staff Fee: $29.00 Location: CSI MC Center

Don’t let your older siblings have all the fun! You can come to the Science Camp, too! Younger inventors will be introduced to the same scientific concepts featured in Science Camp “Young Inventors”, but in a hands-on environment suited for younger learners.

Safe Sitter Babysitter Training

Ages: 11-15

Two separate one day sessions Fri, Jun. 1 9 to 3pm Fri, Jun. 22 9 to 3pm

Instructor: Adria Masoner Fee: $40.00 Fee: $40 (includes course book, 2-year certification card) Location: CSI MC Center

Learn the important information you need to turn babysitting into a summer or afterschool job! Get training that covers the fundamentals of caring for children of different age groups, safety/injury prevention, and keeping your charges entertained and engaged. Young children cannot always communicate their needs. The babysitter has to be able to handle whatever situation arises. This course teaches the prospective babysitter how to handle emergencies when caring for young children. Topics include: what to do when a child stops breathing, what to do if someone chokes, how to contact emergency help; how to diaper change, feed, etc.

Digital Scrapbooking

Ages: 13+

Two separate two day sessions:

Mon & Wed, Jun. 11 & 13 1 to 3pm OR Mon & Wed, Jun. 18 & 20 1 to 3pm

Instructor: Kim Seely Fee: $25.00 Location: CSI MC Center, Room A-25

Taking lots of pictures on your digital device? Now what? Learn ways to document and record the digital pictures in your phone or table by creating simple and priceless scrapbook pages that preserve your memories. There is a simpler and more satisfying way to stay caught up with your journaling and scrapbooking with current apps. It’s so easy pages can even be created on the go! Learn some of the latest in apps that take your pictures from your phone to a scrapbook page. Pictures must be accessible on an iPhone 6 or newer, Android or iPad ready to install with the Project Life® app (in the iTunes app store or Google play) and have minimum $5 iTunes credit or other payment option. Other in-app purchases may be needed. For anyone 13 years of age and older. $25 Monday and Wednesday, June 11 and 13 or June 18 and 20, 1-3 pm

First Aid + for Pets 

Ages: 10 - 14

Wed, June 6 2:00 to 4:00pm

Instructor: Dr. Trevor Stapelman Fee: $35.00 Location: CSI MC Center, Room B11

You love your pets and want to keep them happy, but a pet can’t tell you what’s wrong when it is not well. Learn how to watch your pet’s behavior and how to check their vital signs and give preventative care so that you can catch illness and injury early, before your pet’s condition gets worse. Learn how to combat heat stroke, control bleeding and other skills. Your pet may need to see a veterinarian, but there is a lot you can do to make a trip to the vet easier and help your pet recover quickly. Being prepared to give first aid and providing a healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep you and your animal happy!

Write Fiction like a Pro

Ages: 16+

Tue & Thur, June 12 - 28 6 to 7:30 pm

Instructor: Kalynn Cotton Fee: $80.00 Location: CSI MC Center, Room A12

Do you have great story ideas and are ready to write your first novel? Join us for a fun and informative three-week class that provides tips and advice about fiction writing from a twelve-time published author. Learn what makes great crime, science fiction, thrillers, horror, adventure, fantasy and creative writing. With her help, you will learn how to build the best characters and how to structure your future story or novel for success.

Beginning Conversational American Sign Language

Ages: All Thursdays, June 7-July 19 5:00-6:30 PM

Instructor: Kathy Marker Fee: $35.00 Location: CSI MC Center, Room B3

This course is just right for the student who has been introduced to sign language and is ready to practice conversational skills. You will develop a better understanding of the dominant sign language used throughout the United States and Canada. Contact the Mini-Cassia Center to find out if you are eligible for family discounts.

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