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North Side Center

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Contact Person: Elaine Bryant
Location: 202 14th Ave. E. Gooding, ID 83330
Phone: 208-934-8678 or 800-680-0274, ext. 6461
FAX: (208) 934-8014
Email: ebryant@csi.edu

Success begins here! The College of Southern Idaho North Side Center is your local connection to higher education and lifelong learning. You can work towards a degree, improve your job skills, or take a community education class just for fun. We provide access to business office, financial aid, advising, admissions, registration, testing and other CSI services through our one-stop center.

Our office hours and testing hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Contact us at 208-934-8678 or northsidecenter@csi.edu.

North Side Center


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Spring 2016 Programs

How to Register for Academic Classes

  1. Apply for admission to CSI through here. See Getting Started.
  2. Take the placement test.
  3. Register for courses online through MyCSI.
  4. Complete a county residency form (Fall and Spring terms only)

How to Register for Community Education Classes

The CSI North Side Center is located on the campus of the Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind in Gooding.

North Side Center Staff

Elaine Bryant
E-mail: ebryant@csi.edu
Phone: 208-732-6461, 208-934-8678
Shawna Jacobson
Student Services Specialist
Phone: 208-732-6461, 208-934-8678
Kate Alton
Student Services Specialist
Phone: 208-732-6461, 208-934-8678