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Lecture Series Twenty Nineteen: The Most Notable Pioneer-African Americans in the West 2/13/2019
Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

The American frontier provided a sense of freedom for many people looking to begin anew. Although African Americans found discrimination in the West, a few also found safety and relative freedom from their previous lives. Three former slaves embody the frontier spirit with their connections to Idaho. American West historian Justin L. Vipperman shares the experiences of York, Green Flake, and Gobo Fango in this Black History Month lecture. The three cases provide a nuanced and complex view of race relations in the West, but more importantly in Idaho.

Justin L. Vipperman was born and raised in Wendell, Idaho. He attended the College of Southern Idaho before pursuing a bachelor’s degree in history at Idaho State University. While at ISU, Justin began working as a public historian at the Bannock County Historical Society and as a research fellow of the American West. Vipperman attended Portland State University where he received a dual master’s degree in history and public history. His thesis recounted the African American experience in Portland, Oregon prior to World War II. Vipperman now teaches at the College of Southern Idaho and Idaho State University and is also working on an interdisciplinary doctorate. He lives in Wendell and is the father to three wonderful children and husband to his beautiful wife Rebecca.

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